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OS (Text) -- 5

If, cutting off somewhat the causes of the passions, we occupy ourselves with spiritual contemplations but we do not pass our time in them, having this very thing as our work (ergon), we easily are turned round again to the passions of the flesh, reaping from there nothing other than the complete darkening of the mind (nous) and a turning aside to material things.

20 He who is contending within must have in an instant of time these four things: humility, extreme attention, rebuttal and prayer (proseuche).

And humility inasmuch as the battle is against proud demons opposed to him, so that he have in the hand of the heart the help of Christ, on account of the ‘The Lord hates the proud.’ [Cf. Prov. 3, 34.]

Attention, then, so that he ever make his own heart to have no thought (logismos) at all, even should it—supposedly—appear to be good.

Rebuttal, then, so that at whatever hour he should keenly recognize him who has come, then directly with anger he should contradict the evil one. He says: ‘And I will reply to those who cast evil reproaches on me: “Will not my soul be subject to the Lord?”’ [Cf. Ps. 118, 42; Ps. 61, 2.]

Prayer (euche), then, so that immediately after the rebuttal, he cry to Christ with an unutterable sigh [cf. Rom. 8, 26].

And then the very one who contends will see the enemy brought to naught or driven away by the worshipful name of Jesus as dust by the wind [cf. Ps. 1, 4; etc.] or as smoke which is dissipating [cf. Ps. 36, 20; Ps. 67, 2], together with his imagination.

21 He who does not have prayer (euche) pure of thoughts (logismoi) does not have a weapon in war—prayer (euche), I say, everlastingly activated in the innermost sanctuaries of the soul, so that by the invocation of Christ, the enemy who secretly is giving battle is whipped and burned.

22 For you are obliged to see with a sharp and intense glance of the mind (nous) so as to perceive those who enter; knowing, then, immediately bruising by means of rebuttal the head of the snake; and at the same time as this, with a sigh cry to Jesus; and then you will receive experience of invisible divine succour, and at that time you will clearly see uprightness of heart.

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