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List of Abbreviations

List of Abbreviations[1]

Centuries on Charity of St Maximos the Confessor. (Philokalia D, E, G Volume II, Philokalia F Volume I.)

GC Gnostic Chapters of St Diadochos of Photike. (Diadochos).

KG Kephalaia Gnostica of Evagrius Pontikos. (PO 28, 1 (French), KG E (English).)

OJW On Those Who Think They are Justified by Works of St Mark the Ascetic. (Mark.)

OS On Sobriety of St Hesychios. (Philokalia G Volume I.)

OSL On the Spiritual Law of St Mark the Ascetic. (Mark.)

OTT On the Thoughts of Evagrius Pontikos. (OTT G (Greek), OTT E (English).)

TPL Treatise on the Practical Life of Evagrius Pontikos. (TPL G (Greek), TPL E (English).)

[1] For abbreviations in the text in bold-face type, refer to the Bibliography. The label of the work in the Bibliography which corresponds to the abbreviation given above is in parentheses after the work.


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