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OS (Text) -- 24

A wayfarer, having begun to be sent on a long and inaccessible and difficult road and suspecting error in his return, will plant certain signs and guides firmly in the ground during his journey, which signs procure for him an easy return to his own property. A man who journeys soberly, however, will set up words (logoi), he also suspecting this very same thing.

134 But for the wayfarer, on the one hand, to turn back again whence he went out is the occasion of joy. For the sober man, on the other hand, to turn back again to the rear is the destruction of a rational soul and a sign of apostasy from works (erga) and words and conceptions (ennoies) pleasing to God; and in the time of the death-bearing sleep of the soul, he will have the thoughts (logismoi) as goads waking him with the reminder of the great torpor and of the indifference that occurred to him out of negligence.

135 When we have fallen into afflictions and despairs and hopelessnesses, it is necessary to do in ourselves the [practice] of David: to pour out our heart towards God and to report our entreaty and affliction, as they are, to the Lord [cf. Ps. 141, 3]. For let us confess to God as to One who is able wisely to administer those things that pertain to us and to make the affliction easy if that is for the profit, and to deliver us from the ruinous and destructive sorrow.

136 For temper (thumos) set in motion against men contrary to nature and sorrow not according to God [cf. 2 Cor. 7, 10] and accidie are similarly destructive of the good and gnostic thoughts (logismoi)—scattering which things in confession, the Lord produces joy.

137 It is the nature of the prayer (euche) of Jesus with sobriety utterly to destroy out of the depths of the conception (ennoia) of the heart, thoughts (logismoi) which, even when we do not want, have become fixed and established in the heart.

138 When we are in the affliction of many irrational thoughts (logismoi), we will find alleviation and joy when we condemn ourselves in truth and with detachment, or by declaring everything to the Lord as to a man. And by all means, from these two things we will find repose from everything.

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